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Souzana teaches in-person belly dance classes for belly dancers on Wednesday in South Eugene Oregon!

Event Name:
• Eugene Belly Dance Class for YOU!

• March 27, April 3, April 10, (No Class on April 17), April 24, May 1, May 8, May 15, May 22

• 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

• Platform360 Dance Studio (Second Floor)

• 1840 Willamette Street, Suite #206, Eugene, OR 97405

• $25 for 1 Belly Dance Class in Eugene Oregon (Drop-in)
• $80 for 4 Belly Dance Classes in Eugene Oregon (Saves $20)
• $150 for 8 Belly Dance Classes in Eugene Oregon (Saves $50)

Eugene Belly Dance Class for YOU! ~ Weekly Topics:

March 27, 2024:
• History, Posture, Arms & Hands, and Hip & Chest Isolations

April 3, 2024:
• Shimmies and Vibrations, Undulations, Figure Eights, and Veil Basics

April 10, 2024:
• Belly Dance Music, Rhythms, and Start Learning Choreography

April 24, 2024:
• Core Strength, Balance, and Abdominal Isolations

May 1, 2024:
• Finger Cymbals (Zills) and Rhythmic Patterns

May 8, 2024:
• Expressive Movements, Emotions, and Facial Expressions

May 15, 2024:
• Belly Dance Props and Fusion Styles

May 22, 2024:
• Final Choreography and Celebration

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Souzana’s Eugene Belly Dance Classes for You in Eugene Oregon teaches aspiring belly dancers the FUNdamental belly dancing movement vocabulary in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Eugene Belly Dance Classes are designed to teach aspiring belly dancers the skills to learn the art of belly dancing.

What you will gain from taking Souzana’s belly dance classes?

  • Core strength
  • Better posture
  • Muscle awareness
  • Mind-Body connection
  • Belly dance skills
  • Belly dance knowledge
  • Networking with other dancers

Eugene Belly Dance Class For You! ~ Course Summary:

Throughout this 8-week Belly Dance course, students will experience a structured and supportive journey into the world of belly dance under the guidance of instructor Souzana.

Beginning with a comprehensive introduction covering history, cultural roots, and basic movements, the course progresses through fundamental techniques such as shimmies, undulations, veil work, and playing finger cymbals (zills).

The incorporation of Middle Eastern rhythms and musicality, along with choreography development, enhances students’ dance proficiency.

Emphasis on core strength, balance, expressive movements, and the integration of props and fusion styles adds depth to their skills.

The course culminates in a final choreography rehearsal and celebration, fostering not just dance proficiency but also boosting confidence, expressive abilities, and a sense of community among students.

Overall, participants emerge with a strong foundation in belly dance, enriched cultural understanding, and the ability to convey emotions through captivating performances.

Eugene Belly Dance Class For You! ~ Breakdown by Weekly Class

In this Belly Dance course, students are provided a structured progression for beginners, covering foundational movements, cultural aspects, musicality, and the opportunity for self-expression through dance in a comfortable and supportive setting. 

Belly Dance Class – Week 1: Introduction to Belly Dance

History, Basic Posture, Arms & Hands, and Hip & Chest Isolations:
  • Introduction to Souzana, your instructor, and your classmates
  • History and Origins:
    • A brief overview of the history and cultural roots of belly dance.
    • Discussion on the different styles within belly dance.
  • Basic Posture, Arms and Hands 
    • Focus on correct posture and body alignment.
    • Learn basic arm placement and hand movements
  • Isolation:
    • Introduction to isolations of hips, chest, and shoulders that includes, slides, circles, lifts, and drops.
  • Introduction to Warm-up Routine that includes gentle stretches, simple foot patterns, and warm-up exercises designed to prepare the body for movement and that incorporate basic dance steps to start building coordination.

Belly Dance Class – Week 2: Fundamental Belly Dance Movements

Shimmies and Vibrations, Undulations, Figure Eights, and Veil Basics:
  • Introduction to basic shimmies and vibrations:
    • Practice different types of shimmies and their variations.
  • Undulations and Figure Eights:
    • Learn fluid undulations and graceful figure-eight movements.
      • Emphasize connecting movements seamlessly.
  • Veil Basics:
    • Introduction to dancing with a veil.
      • Learn veil handling techniques and simple veil movements.

Belly Dance Class – Week 3: Rhythms and Musicality

Understanding Belly Dance Music, Rhythms, and Choreography Basics:
  • Introduction to common Middle Eastern rhythms.
    • Explanation of how movements correlate with various rhythms.
    • Dance to the Beat:
      • Practice dancing to different rhythms, focusing on musicality.
      • Explore the connection between movements and music.
  • Choreography Basics:
    • Start working on a simple choreography to apply learned movements.
    • Emphasize smooth transitions between movements

Belly Dance Class – Week 4: Core Strength and Balance

Abdominal Isolations:
  • Focus on isolations of the abdominal muscles.
    • Incorporate movements like belly rolls and flutters.
  • Building Core Strength:
    • Introduction to exercises to strengthen the core muscles.
    • Discuss the importance of core strength in belly dance.
  • Balance Drills:
    • Incorporate balance exercises into the routine.
    • Practice maintaining balance during various movements.

Belly Dance Class – Week 5: Finger Cymbals (Zills) and Rhythmic Patterns

Introduction to Finger Cymbals (Zills):
  • Learn about the history and cultural significance of zills.
    • Practice basic zill techniques and patterns.
    • Zill Integration:
      • Integrate finger cymbals into dance movements by exploring dancing with zills while maintaining coordination.

Belly Dance Class – Week 6: Expressive Movements and Emotions

Facial Expressions:
  • Discuss the importance of facial expressions in belly dance.
    • Practice conveying emotions through facial expressions.
  • Storytelling through Dance:
    • Learn to tell a story or convey a mood through dance by incorporating storytelling elements into choreography.

Belly Dance Class – Week 7: Props and Fusion Styles

Introduction to Props:
  • Explore dance props such as fans, canes, or swords.
    • Discuss the cultural significance of props in belly dance.
  • Fusion Styles:
    • Introduce fusion styles that incorporate elements from various dance forms and experiment with blending traditional and modern movements with belly dance.

Belly Dance Class – Week 8: Final Choreography and Celebration

Final Choreography Rehearsal:
  • Rehearse and refine the final choreography learned throughout the course.
    • Constructive feedback and tips for improvement.
  • Class Celebration:
    • Perform the final choreography for each other and celebrate your progress and achievements!

Frequently Asked Questions

When are Souzana’s Eugene Belly Dance Classes held?

Eugene Belly Dance Classes are held in person on Wednesdays.

You can show up on any Wednesday that Souzana has a belly class scheduled on her Eugene Belly Dance Class Calendar.

Where are Souzana’s Eugene Belly Dance Classes held?

Eugene Belly Dance Classes are held in person at Platform360 Dance Studio (on the second floor) which is located at the following street address:

1840 Willamette St, Ste #206
Eugene, OR 97405

How much are Souzana’s Eugene Belly Dance Classes?

You have 3 pricing options:

  • $25 per 1 belly dance class (Drop-in)
  • $80 for 4 belly dance classes (Save $20)
  • $150 for 8 belly dance classes (Save $50)

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