Portland Belly Dance Class For Beginner Dancers

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Souzana teaches in-person belly dance classes for beginner dancers every Saturday near downtown Tigard Oregon!

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Souzana’s Portland Beginner Belly Dance Classes in Tigard Oregon teaches aspiring belly dancers the FUNdamental belly dancing movement vocabulary in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Portland Beginning Belly Dance Classes are designed to teach aspiring belly dancers the skills to learn the art of belly dancing.

What you will gain from taking my beginning belly dance classes?

  • Core strength
  • Better posture
  • Muscle awareness
  • Mind-Body connection
  • Belly dance skills
  • Belly dance knowledge
  • Networking with other dancers

You will also learn FUNdamental belly dancing movement vocabulary like hip and chest isolations, shoulder articulations, basic footwork, turns, shimmies, and arm positions.

In this portland beginner belly dance class, beginning belly dancers can also look forward to being introduced to playing finger cymbals and dancing with a three-yard veil.

The portland belly dance class for beginners in Tigard Oregon is great for anyone wanting a review of the belly dance FUNdamentals or learning belly dancing for the very first time.

When are Portland Beginning Belly Dance Classes held?

My Portland Belly Dance Classes was held every Saturday of every month at Diva Den Studio in Tigard Oregon, but is currently postponed until further notice due to COVID-19.

You can pre-purchase a “Souzana Belly Dance Class Pass” for:

  • 1 class.
  • 4 classes
  • 8 classes.

Then you can show up on any Saturday that I have a class scheduled on my Portland Belly Dance Class Calendar.

You can start learning how to belly dance with me this upcoming Saturday!

Where are Portland Beginning Belly Dance Classes held?

Each of my Portland Belly Dance Classes for Beginner Dancers will be held in-person at Diva Den Studio which is located at.

11959 SW Garden Pl
(Tigard) Portland, OR 97223

After you submit your order with payment, you will be automatically emailed important details about how to join us at Diva Den Studio near downtown Tigard.

How much are Beginning Portland Belly Dance Classes?

You have 3 pricing options:

  • $15.00 per 1 belly dance class ($15 per class).
  • $52.00 for 4 belly dance classes ($13 per class).
  • $88.00 for 8 belly dance classes ($11 per class).

Frequently Asked Questions?

Question #1:

When does the next Portland Belly Dance session start in Tigard Oregon?

Answer #1:

The good news is that Portland Belly Dance Classes are ongoing and designed so that aspiring belly dancers can start on any Saturday they choose.

Don’t Miss Out On My Next Portland Belly Dance… Sign Up Today!

Each of the Portland belly dance classes will be held at Divi Den Studio in Tigard Oregon.

With your “Souzana Belly Dance Class Pass” you can now attend my portland belly dance classes on Saturdays.

I guarantee that you can redeem and enjoy the Portland belly dance classes that you pre-purchase from me whenever you want! ~ Souzana

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