Oriental Dance Performance by Souzana at Tundra Caravan’s 2008 Spring Recital

Souzana performs an improvisational Oriental style dance at Tundra Caravan’s 2008 Community Middle Eastern Dance Recital in Fairbanks, Alaska. The music is an edited version of Enta Omri. The first half of the edited song is by Middle Earth Ensemble and the second half/techno portion of the song is unknown to Souzana. “Enta Omri” (also spelled Inte Omri, Inta Omri, Ente Omri & more) means “You Are My Life” in Arabic and was originally made famous by Egypt’s most beloved singer, Um Kalthoum (also spelled Umm Kulthoum, Um Kulthum, Om Kalsoum, Om Kalthoum & more) in 1965 and was composed by Mohamed Abdel Wehab and lyrics by Ahmed Shafik (the version that Souzana is dancing to has no lyrics). The original song, including it’s instrumentals was about 40 minutes long!