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I highly recommend Susan’s dance classes to each and everyone of you. Susan is very attentive making sure each person who is in her class learns with grace and form which develops overtime. Susan is professional and yet makes everyone feel at ease and comfortable. We have so much fun. I hope to join her classes again once I move to Oregon next year. If it is of driving distance that is. Her talent, education, accuracy with everything makes it all worth the fun.


I have had the pleasure to collaborate with Souzana in the creation and performance of several choreographies. She is clever, charming, and professional through and through. Souzana understands how dancer’s bodies work and how all levels of dancers learn; she has training in everything from ballet and jazz to Khaleeji from the Persian Gulf, to Saiidi from Upper Egypt, to Raqs Sharqi, to American Cabaret Belly Dance and more. Her students are educated, supported, and having a blast in her classes. Eugene has a gem of a teacher (Souzana) and her performances are dynamite to boot.

Christina Thompson - Souzana Belly Dance Review


I love Souzana! She was my first Middle Eastern dance instructor, and it was devastating when she moved. I really enjoyed her teaching style and the fun and energy classes were infused with, and the choreographies were always great fun. It was amazing how much confidence and appreciation for my body I gained through her classes, I felt like I discovered a new person! Souzana is a warm but watchful instructor who is truly happy to share her gifts with her students. She’ll instill not just solid technique, but a love of the art, and an appreciation for the rich and varied history of the dance, as well. The Fairbanks dance community just isn’t the same without her.


Souzana is a “dancers” dancer. With her vast knowledge of many dance forms and belly dance methods spanning a lifetime, she brings a unique style to every class or workshop she leads. I have grown as a dancer as well as a human these past 3 years dancing with Souzana. I highly recommend the “experience”.

Gloria 2 - Souzana Belly Dance Review


A graceful and beautiful dancer. I so enjoy learning from her, she brings years of experience and technique to her classes!!!


Souzana introduced me to Middle Eastern dance styles and I consider myself very fortunate! Really love her classes.

Heather - Souzana Belly Dance Review


Souzana is truly a beautiful person (inside and out) and that carries through to her teaching and love for dance. She’s my belly mama and was my instructor for ~4 years. I really appreciate how she incorporated different teaching methods, which allowed me to find out which learning techniques work well for me. Souz is wonderful to work with and always helps a dancer learn to grow as a dancer/performer and also as a person. Her charisma is lovely and she always takes the time to get to know her students. I’ll end here or else there will be a novel on how talented a teacher and dancer Souz is! Much love to her and if you’re considering taking one of her classes Do It!!!!!

Desi - Souzana Belly Dance Review


As a teacher, Souzana will give you a wonderful amount of technique and drills to keep you growing as a dancer. As a choreographer, she will continuously challenge herself and her students to explore new territory. As a performer, she’ll show and make you feel the love of the art form we call Middle Eastern dance. And if you get lucky enough to have her as an amazing friend and belly mama, she will keep a place in your heart forever. Don’t miss out on her classes!!!

Sydney - Souzana Belly Dance Review


I took my first Middle Eastern dance class with Souzana a few years ago and she made me never want to stop dancing. I always loved Souzana’s classes and teaching style. She always had a good variety of classes for the year and brought lots of knowledge to each one of them. I always felt like I was learning lots about not only the movements of each dance but also the history behind it all.
Souzana is a wonderful instructor and I would recommend her to anyone interested in learning Middle Eastern dance!

Jessica - Souzana Belly Dance Review


Souzana is one of the most creative and challenging instructors I have ever had. I have learned so much from her that has greatly improved my dance technique and stage presence. Souzana has so much passion for dance that it is impossible for it to not rub off on you. Souzana helped me grow from an individual to a dancer, and even further, into a performer. I highly recommend Souzana for all levels, ages, skill sets and walks of life. She is my belly mama!