Beginning Belly Dance Class in Eugene Oregon


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Beginning Belly Dance Class in Eugene Oregon

Beginning Belly Dance Classes in Eugene Oregon teaches aspiring belly dancers the FUNdamental belly dancing moves in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Beginning Dance Classes are designed to teach aspiring belly dancers the skills to learn the art of belly dancing.

Basic belly dance skills include: developing strength, posture, muscle awareness, and mind-body connection.

You will learn FUNdamental belly dance movements like hip and chest isolations, shoulder articulations, basic footwork, turns, shimmies, and arm positions.

In the Beginning Belly Dance Class, new belly dancers can also look forward to being briefly introduced to playing finger cymbals and dancing with a three-yard veil.

The Beginning Belly Dance Class in Eugene Oregon is great for anyone wanting a review of the belly dance FUNdamentals or learning belly dancing for the very first time.

When are Beginning Belly Dance Classes held?

Every Thursday, 7:30-8:30pm at Celebration Dance Studio in Eugene Oregon.

Where are Beginning Belly Dance Classes held?

Celebration Dance Studio
1840 Willamette St.
Side A (2nd Floor)
Eugene, OR 97401

How much are Beginning Belly Dance Classes?

$13 for 1 Beginning Belly Dance Class.
$45 for 4 Beginning Belly Dance Classes


When does the next Beginning Belly Dance session start?


Beginning Belly Dance Classes are ongoing and designed so that aspiring belly dancers can can start belly dance anytime in Eugene Oregon.

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