Advanced Belly Dance Class in Eugene Oregon


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Advanced Belly Dance Class in Eugene Oregon

Advanced Belly Dance classes in Eugene Oregon focus on the reinforcement and mastery of all that was learned in the beginning belly dance classes and intermediate belly dance classes.

The Advanced Belly Dance Class explores topics like stagecraft, improvisation, advanced choreography and developing your own personal style of belly dancing.

In the Advanced Belly Dance Class you will go beyond what you learned in Beginning Belly Dance class and Intermediate Belly Dance class by identifying and belly dancing to various rhythms.

You will have fun being introduced to the most popular folk dances from around the Middle East.

While in the Advanced Belly Dance you will have the occasional opportunity to learn floor work, dancing with a sword, and other belly dancing props.

Occasional belly dancing performance opportunities may become available after you start taking Advanced Belly Dance Classes in Eugene Oregon.

When are Advanced Belly Dance classes held?

Every Wednesday, 5:45-6:45pm at Celebration Dance Studio in Eugene Oregon.

Where are Advanced Belly Dance classes held?

Celebration Dance Studio
1840 Willamette St.
Side A (2nd Floor)
Eugene, OR 97401

How much are Advanced Belly Dance classes?

$13 for 1 advanced belly dance class.
$45 for 4 advanced belly dance classes.
$90 for 10 advanced belly dance classes.


What are the prerequisites for participating in the Advanced Belly Dance class?


It is recommended that belly dancers who enroll in the Advanced Belly Dance class have already attended the Beginning Belly Dance and also the Intermediate Belly Dance classes. You should be able to demonstrate a mastery of the belly dancing FUNdamentals including comfort with layering techniques, possess the ability to dance while playing finger cymbals, and are able to recognize primary Egyptian rhythms. I encourage you to drop-in to see how you feel in the Advanced Belly Dance in Eugene Oregon. This belly dancing class should be challenging, not overwhelming to experience belly dancers.

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