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Belly Dance Classes in Eugene Oregon

Learn more about your belly dance teacher – Souzana!

Souzana has over 12 years of continuous experience as a belly dance instructor. She has taught belly dancing to hundreds of women, children, and even a few men ;). She has also taught belly dancers of all shapes, sizes, and ages! Come as your are and experience a new freedom by joining one of Souzana’s supportive belly dance classes in Eugene, Oregon.

Souzana welcomes you to her belly dancing classes in Eugene, Oregon.

Her belly dance classes are designed to teach students the skills necessary to develop the strength, posture, muscle awareness, and mind-body connection to learn the art of belly dancing! While in class with Souzana, you will learn the FUNdamental movements of a belly dancer which include isolations, basic steps, turns, shimmies and arm positions.

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