Learn more about how to become a belly dancer and get help from Souzana.

Souzana Belly Dance

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the belly dance classes held?

Souzana’s belly dance classes are held in Portland Oregon.


What should I wear to belly dance class?
Wear workout attire, dancewear, or other comfortable, non-restrictive clothing that is easy to move in and allows me to make body alignment corrections. Wearing a scarf around your hips is optional, but encouraged as it helps delineate the hip line. Don’t own one yet? You can borrow one for in class use. Most students dance barefoot but like wearing dance shoes or sandals such as FootUndeez more comfortable. Outdoor shoes and athletic sneakers are never allowed as they grip the floor too much during turns and twisting movements.
Do I have to show my belly?
The choice is up to you! Showing your belly is NOT required to learn how to belly dance. Do what makes YOU comfortable!
Are there performance opportunities for students?
Yes! Many people dance purely for fun, fitness and/or a sense of community while others can’t wait to show off their newly learned skills. If performing is your goal, ask Souzana about the requirements to participate in Benu Rising, her performing troupe and other short-term choreography sessions she offers. You don’t want to perform? That’s okay too. Performing is not required unless you are enrolled in a performance-focused class. However, even in a performance class, accommodations can usually be made if you let Souzana know in advance that you don’t want to perform.